Shout from the rooftops and address the press

I now have so few visitors to my Corona site compared to my ISBI that it’s meaningless to point to the ISBI updates from here – you will simply have to add the ISBI to your links or follow via Reader, if you have any interest at all in my idiots. 🙂 Honestly I have so much more fun with my Cuckoo legacy that I don’t know if I will continue with the Coronas. The hiatus has just been too long at this point. I hope you can forgive me! I haven’t made a definite decision to abandon them forever, but it doesn’t look too good. Time will tell.

I hope to see you at >>>>>! <<<<<


I made a thing

I found some nice pictures in a Swedish travel brochure from the 1930’s and I thought they should be in my game. There are 3 variations. These 2 are water-colours.

The third variation is smudgier than the others, in part because it is an oil but also because the original was lower resolution, I think. It’s not very noticeable in game, though.

The buddha & The winged victory of Samothrace are by Swedish painter/designer Ewald Dahlskog. The flamingos are nameless. 🙂


Ewald Dahlskog, slightly demonic hottie.


He & writer Paul Auster could be twins! At least related.

Ok, I’m done here. Oh, and a link would be good!:

travel posters, 1930’s

(base game mesh, 250 simoleons, package & sims3pack)

There you go.