0.10 The Big Move

Gentle Reader, I have an announcement.

This hurts me a lot more than it will hurt you (all 3 people), I’m sure, but I had to make some pretty drastic changes to my story, and the reason for this was EA. I guess legacies aren’t supposed to last in a town for more than 4 generations. Constant crashes, lag and loading & saving that takes 30 minutes – and what’s worse, the dreaded error code 12 – all put together made me do it. I moved my family to a new world. That alone was hard for me, since I’m very biased toward Twinbrook and put a lot of effort into managing the family lines of the Baylesses and the Curiouses and the Bulls. I loved the swamp & and the mist. But what’s more – my elaborate back story about Cora & her sister Tulip, which was about to unfold just about now, seems pretty pointless if I have to move to another town. Their story doesn’t really fit in anymore. I have all the shots I would need to tell it though, so perhaps I’ll do it as a special, but probably not.

The good news is that this brings us a little closer to the actual start of generation ONE in my slow-paced random legacy, since we’re still on the prequel! Yes, one of the twins will be the actual founder, and then finally the ruuuuuuules will apply. So it’s not all bad.

I took a giant leap of faith when it came to The Move. I test-played the new home world for just a few hours and I know it will probably be too small for a legacy in the long run when the town is overrun by Corona second cousins, and it has very little room for expansion, but I fell so hard for it that I just didn’t care. It is too damn beautiful. So, without further ado, I bring you The Move:

Screenshot-16 Screenshot-17

“So why are we moving to the North Pole exactly?”

“Because of half-assed ‘superior medical care for your brother’ reasons.”

“Nobody moves to the North Pole because their doctors are better!”

“Get in the car, please. Your mother is about to cry.”


I just can’t think of a good reason why anyone would move to ca Greenland/Iceland because “they had to”. Especially since I think we have established that Cora loves her hometown more than anything, and was ready to give up love, adventure and family in order to stay there until she died. But for the sake of the story, let’s just presume that the psychiatric care on the island is superior to anywhere else in the world.


Let’s also say that Quentin’s distant cousin is a scientist on Pharhond and that the science center’s cabin where foreign scientists come to live during projects was now considered too isolated from the main roads and the airport, and that Quentin could use it for as long as he wanted to. Let’s also presume, for the sake of the story, that this wealthy family couldn’t choose to live wherever they wanted, for whatever reason. And that they needed a small cabin where they could live rent-free. Yeah.


This would be the moment when Cora starts to sob uncontrollably.


No more crayfish parties! No more moonshine! Just dried fish snacks and Brennivin!


16 hours later: We have arrived. Look at this lovely box I made for you guys! Aren’t you all thrilled?


Well, somewhat.


“It’s just a cabin!”

“Well, it’s pretty small, but you get a really nice bedroom with that bunk bed you always wanted!”

“It is so SMALL!”


Speaking of which, a glacier can make you feel pretty small.


If the heater stops working, you are so screwed.


Well look at that, a neighbour! Now go over and say hello.


“Finally I have more time to paint and write!” Yes Quentin, I’ve been ignoring your LTW. And I haven’t changed your jumper since you married Cora. Sorry.


Meanwhile, Cora is doing a nice interpretation of the Wanderer above the sea of fog.


Anywho! Let’s continue the grand tour. This is the boys’ and Rouza’s bedroom.


The view is something else entirely.


IKEA toys & oven from around the sims.


More interior. Desk from Awesims.



Cora introduces herself to the neighbour, his name slipped my mind, but he’s a loner (no suprises there), a dog person and an angler.


Not much to do here, except play chess, read and study. Damon will become super smart!


He loses his first game of chess, though, which Declan is eager to point out.

“Haha, you lose! Loser! Losing loser!”

“Go eat a pointy lavender hat!”


Time to go to bed in their new home for the first time.





*moment of clarity, aka WHAT HAVE I DONE I MOVED TO THE ARCTIC!!*


Fortunately, there are pancakes on Fharhond too. Can’t be a Sim and not have pancakes!


Since Cora isn’t known on Fharhond, she decided to take up her career as a private eye again. Just minor cases like lost rings and things like that, after all she’s an old woman now.


Way to keep a low profile, Cora: go dig in a dumpster at 11 am.



Lucky for you I decided against paparazzi in this town. Because this woman would be it.


She’s not entirely sure she shouldn’t try and sell some shots anyway.


If you happen to have the perceptive trait, you may notice something is different about this picture, namely that…

(I’ll give you 15 seconds, this is a super fun Christmas game!)

˙ʇuǝɹǝɟɟᴉp sᴉ ʞsǝp ǝɥʇ

I changed it around a bit and then changed back and I forgot that it would look weird in shots.

˙ooʇ ǝƃpᴉɹɟ ǝɥʇ pǝʌoɯ I


And so the days went by quietly: fishing, napping, reading, playing with Rouza.


The time finally came for the twins’ birthday. Damon had made a friend in school, Ylva, and she was the only guest.


Declan was dressed for the occasion as usual.


Tadaa! Now off with your Al Simhara kaftan and slip into something smarter.


That’s much better.


I skipped Declan’s twirl, and this is what he looks like. Very pretty and mad as a hatter.


He immediately began to talk nonsense. Ylva doesn’t care much for Declan at all.


Birthdays are tiring!


Hello there, Declan.


You should be so lucky that medical care on Fharhond is subventioned.


Take that, Air, and that! Biff! Bang! Pow pow!


But I’m still adorable, right?


Suppose you are. Now off to bed, you have a big day ahead of you in the exact same school as yesterday.


“I’m not sitting next to you on the bus if you’re going to wear that, bro.”

“What? These are my PJs!”


Rouza has always been the best cared for pet I’ve ever had in a legacy, but she still got a lot more attention when the family relocated to the North. They are less busy now, and the house is less cluttered, so there’s more space to play and cuddle.


It’s nice to see she’s happy. Even if she’s just a pixel pet, I still hate it when she’s lonely.


Cora tried out the local pool, which was very pretty and spa like.


Look at those waves breaking! Never mind she’s all alone in the pool!


Although Damon was now a teen, he preferred Ylva’s company to all other… two teenagers.


Now go talk to this lovely babysitter, because there’s only one more girl your age.


She’s my first slider-made Sim and I think she turned out alright. She’s supposed to be half Inuit, and I called her Asiaq, apparently a goddess prayed to for good weather. Seems like a good choice of name in these parts.


Damon considered her attractiveness and rated her a 1 out of 10???? Teenage boys have NO taste.


They became friends though, and she came over to his house pretty often.


Please note that there’s a UNICORN outside the window. Room with a unicorn view!


Asiaq is trying to win Damon’s heart by socializing with his mother. Damon just thinks that’s weird.


Perhaps there’s too many similarities between Asiaq and his mum, I don’t know. No sparks there. Pity!


Instead he starts chatting with Ylva, while he’s having a guest. I don’t know why that’s not considered rude, but apparently it isn’t.


I always thought this looks like a very uncomfortable way to hold a book. And ehm, I changed Quentin’s clothes mid-photo session just because. His first new top in ca 15 years, hope you enjoy it.


Just because I think it’s cute when Rouza guards the house.


Cora & Quentin went to check out the local pub at the foot of the mountain, its bartender was surprisingly skilled.



Meanwhile, Asiaq refused to leave, now playing with Rouza to show her love for the whole Corona family. I’m not sure that is going to get her anywhere. Shameless flirting might be a better idea at this point.


Sorry, this was short on drama and heavy on just commenting what’s happening in the picture & technical bla bla, but I’m a bit dumbstruck by the move, the loss of a world that I built for 4 generations and my entire story line. I also just recently patched my game for the first time in over a year (!!), so there are a lot of news to me both from EA but mainly the new features from Twallan’s story progression & controller. I’m confused to say the least. But I’ll get back on track eventually. Hope you enjoy the new neighbourhood as much as I do, and that we’ll get to generation 1 in January!


0.9 Come Together or Come Clean


In the last chapter, it was (sort of) decided that the twins’ cousin Maebe would come and live with them for a few weeks during her work experience. Quentin was fine with that, and Damon didn’t really care either way.


He had a very important, secret submarine mission in the Arctic to concentrate on.




And so forth


And so on.


Declan took the news… well.





Ok, ok, we get it, Declan.


“So, my sis is coming to live with you, huh?”

“Yeah, it will be kind of cool actually!”


“She can totally stay longer. Actually, you can have her! Like, forever!”

“I can HEAR you, Jared!”


Declan was still causing bizarre kinds of trouble in school on a regular basis and his grades were slipping despite the efforts of his parents, but he enjoyed baking and was getting quite good at it. Everyone was surprised. And no garbage muffins either!


Quentin helped him set up a table in the park, and kindly but firmly changed Declan’s price from 10 000 simoleons to 7.


He let him tend the table himself, slightly worried what he would come up with, but felt it would give him a sense of accomplishment and some good practice in maths.


Sometimes he got completely sidetracked by something.


Business began to dwindle when he assigned different personalities to all of his muffins, and told Piper Prudence off for wanting to eat “poor little Dinky Doughdiddy” or “old mrs Bunter” from the plate. But his family enjoyed the muffins just as much.


Due to his unpredictable behaviour, his school mates were now actively avoiding him.


So perhaps it was a good thing that Cuddles came alive one early morning.


No more going to the bathroom in private then. (they always seem to follow you around wherever you go!)

Screenshot-1706“MY BESTIE!!!” Cuddles shrieked


True to his character, Declan didn’t greet his new best friend with much enthusiasm.


“Go make me a snack!”

If you go and have a bath first. You reek!


Cora was accepting of Declan’s peculiar wishes, like swimming with his clothes on for instance, but she felt it was getting increasingly hard to reach him, and that worried her a lot more than his “weirdness”.


She had gradually come to terms with the fact that things took more time with him, that he didn’t react well to changes, that he was a slow learner and easily frustrated. But somehow she had never doubted that he would have a perfectly normal life nevertheless.


But as the boys were approaching their teens, Declan became more and more anxious, moody and his behaviour more aberrant.


He had inexplicable terrors, he had trouble sleeping, and crying fits.


Cora recognized the behaviour exactly from when he was a baby, except now he had the words to express himself. But it often seemed like words just weren’t enough anymore, that everything overwhelmed him.


“Declan, what’s the matter? Are you scared of the water? You’re an excellent swimmer, you have nothing to fear.”


“It’s not the water, it’s the waves! The waves are bad!”


“Are you alright, my boy?” An elderly man had watched them from afar and came to help. Declan didn’t appear to hear him, he looked around in panic at something that no one else could see. “What do you mean? There are no waves here.” Cora knew it was pointless to argue, Declan was having a panic attack, but she had to say something to get a hold on the situation. To get him out of the water without a struggle.


It dawned upon her then, and she felt like she suddenly knew with 100 % certainty, that Declan was more than just a little different from other children, more than just a little slow, more than just hyper active or not enough active in school. That he would need protection, possibly even medication, and that his life may never be “normal”.

Shortly after, Quentin took their other son out to dinner. It was a rare event that the two of them did something together alone, and sadly it was mainly because Cora was already spending so much time with Declan to get him on the right track. Of course Damon knew that, but he seldom voiced his opinions or hurt feelings. Much like his dad, in fact.


“Was it any good?”

“It’s great!” Damon was munching on the local specialty, a lamb & thyme sausage in organic sourdough bread. They were at the town’s fanciest restaurant, but Quentin had greater worries than the bill ahead of him.

“Damon, I was going to talk to you about your brother..” Damon immediately looked glum.

“Must we really? I thought this was going to be just you and me, dad.”


“Yes, I know, but this is important. You know how your brother is… a little different.”

“He’s stupid, that’s what.” Damon sulked. He and Declan were best friends, but he was tired of all the fuss over his brother.


“He’s not stupid, he’s just.. not thinking the way you and I think. And this may be a good time to tell you that, well, it’s possible that Declan will always be a little boy. Because you’re growing up, and it must be confusing for you, that you and your brother are so different. You may not grow up together, that’s what I’m saying.”

“What do you mean, is he going away to some boarding school or what?”

“No, no, he’s staying with us! I meant more… figuratively. He’ll stay right here, but he’s going to be a child, perhaps for a longer time than you. Maybe for a much longer time. And he will need our support, because he’s going through some difficulties right now.”

“Whatever. He’s just being stupid. I don’t see why he needs any support to be stupid. He’s doing it just fine by himself.” The nice meal alone with dad was ruined by his brother, as always, even when he wasn’t actually there, he was always there, ruining things.

Quentin sighed. He wasn’t sure if Damon actually didn’t get it or if he had always known and therefore didn’t want to talk about it. At least the twins were, after all, very close, even if the relationship was strained by their differences and the extra attention Declan needed.


Quentin decided to drop the subject and went on to tell a really gruesome ghost story, which he knew Damon loved.


It had all the right ingredients: an old castle, creaking floors, howling winds and mysterious foot steps in the night. A lady dressed all in white, floating down the staircase.


Even a severed head!


It was a great success, if you consider scaring your child half to death a success.


Declan showed up after a while, but he was more interested in the other people there.


Besides, he wasn’t allowed to hear ghost stories, as they upset him too much.


He had plenty ghosts of his own to deal with.


…when he wasn’t harassing innocent people.


…or being inexplicably angry.



Maebe was settling in nicely and the boys accepted her, after the initial shock of seeing a lilac bra at the table. Declan liked her because she shared his taste for odd breakfast foods.


She still met up with friends to study, “since I’m not going to become a farmer!” They teased her for having to work for her aunt, but Michelle was waiting tables at the diner and Ash was sweeping the floor at the local hairdresser, so they weren’t much better off.


“I wish I could do mine at the school of Peace & Love. I’m going to be an artist anyway.”

“Then it’s lucky you’re getting used to waiting tables, cause that’s where you’ll end up!” Maebe laughed.


“Very funny.” Michelle didn’t sound so sure she was wrong though.


“So, what are your plans, Maebe?” Ash asked, with a hint of sarcasm that she didn’t pick up on.

“I dunno. Something amazing for sure.”


“I’ll be famous first, because I’m fantastic, and then I’ll go to all the coolest parties on yachts and such.”


“And then I’ll be rich because I’m famous, and then after that I can do whatever I want.” Maebe was joking, but at the same time she wasn’t. In her mind, it didn’t seem unreasonable that she would be famous just for being pretty. Her mum had basically done the same thing, appeared in some local ads, hosted a few events.

Screenshot-257“So, what are you going to do, Ash? Style me when I’m a star?” Maebe said and sucked her cheeks in.

“I’ll join the military, I guess”, he said morosely and shrugged.

“WHUT? Do they allow pink hair in the military?” Michelle and Maebe giggled.

“It’s not like I have much choice. My dad is skint, unlike YOUR parents. Or your rich aunt. Come work at my old vineyard, la-di-da! Yeah you have such a hard life, Maebe.”

Screenshot-263“What’s with you? You’re welcome to come help me cover plants with rotten fish any day, if you’re that jealous. Besides, it’s not an old vineyard, it’s basically just a garden and bloody pointless to work with, to be honest. My aunt’s alright though.”



Ash didn’t say anything for twenty minutes until the girls finished their studying, then he lightened up and they all started playing games in the schoolyard like little kids. Ash and Maebe were playing catch and Michelle played tag with Damon.



“Hah! This is going to hurt!”


Michelle always ran past them very close by. Maebe knew she would do just about anything to play catch with Ash, or do anything alone with Ash, but Michelle was painfully shy around him, and Maebe was almost positive he was gay anyway.

Screenshot-281Maebe wasn’t so sure she had a “best friend”, but if she had to pick one, it would be Ash.


She hoped he didn’t really mean it when he said he’d join the military, she would miss him terribly. And honestly she didn’t think camouflage was his colour.

That night, she let Ash do his first real job at the hair salon: he cut and toned her hair.


Screenshot-301“Hi Michelle! No, I’m just trying to study. No you’re not, I can’t hear myself think anyway, there’s some bloody jazz band playing tonight. Yeah. Uh-huh. Oh HIM again…”


“What you’re going to do? Well, death is always an option!”


“Honestly, it’s not cute anymore, it was adorable for about a year and a half but it’s getting really old. You have to tell him! Well I don’t CARE, you have to anyway! Well, at least then you’ll know. Yeah. Well duh? No, stupid, he won’t. You’ll be fine!”

Screenshot-302“Listen, I have to go, it’s my aunt’s birthday. Yeah really. Just call him, ok? And call me later. Huuuugggzzz.”


And then Cora was a little old lady. 😦


Yay for being old!

Screenshot-312Look at all that adorable enthusiasm from Quentin!


When Cora just chatted with Quentin, he thought she was being extremely irresistible! That man seriously worships the ground she walks on.

Maebe: LE SIGH


Can a poor teenager catch a break?



“Ok, it is kind of cute when old people are in love. Like gross-cute but cute.”

Screenshot-315She wondered who she would go with to the last big school dance. She was sort of seeing Michelle’s brother Alex after they made out at a party, but all he ever talked about was his Art, capital A, and it wasn’t that good to begin with. She would gladly have gone with Michelle and Ash as a group, but she wanted to give them a chance to go as a couple, if Michelle ever dared to ask Ash. As for Ash, she didn’t think he would go at all if nobody asked him. It wasn’t really his thing.


All the semi-cute guys were taken already, because she had been pickier than that (at least that was the reason she could think of), and there weren’t any hot ones. PROBLEMO.


Cora was invited to Tulip for some sisterly birthday celebrations that weekend, although the real reason was evidently that Tulip wanted to talk about her daughter.

“Is she being a complete and utter brat?”

“Not at all. I’m teaching her how to use fertilizer now and she hasn’t complained once about the smell. She’s very sweet and she picks up after herself, and the boys too actually, although she shouldn’t do that.”

Screenshot-347“Is she seeing anyone?” Tulip tried to sound like she was only mentioning it casually, playing around with the sprinkler meanwhile.

“I really don’t know, she doesn’t share that kind of information with me. And why should she? I’m supposed to be her boss.”

“But have you seen her with some boy? Or girl, for that matter.”

“She hangs out with Ash Leaf and that Bull girl a lot, and sometimes with her brother too, I don’t recall his name.”

“Alex, he was asking some really nosy questions down at the lab during their field trip. I don’t like him. Please tell me if you see them together again.”

Screenshot-348“Ok. Well, soon it will be entirely up to her in any case!”

“Are you against me on this topic, Cora?” Tulip primly tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, a rather comical gesture when you’re playing with a sprinkler.

“I don’t really care either way, to be honest, but she will be 18 in just a couple of months! Perhaps you should try and win her over instead of trying to control her every step.”

Screenshot-352Tulip’s permanent smile froze to a grimace. “Excuse me? Are you lecturing me on how to raise my daughter?”

“Just a friendly observation.”

“Well, it didn’t sound particularly friendly to me.”

“It was intended to, at least. She’s living under my roof, for crying out loud! Which was your idea.”

“She can very well move back home tonight! I really don’t appreciate your tone.” Tulip reached for a towel.


“Oh no, she’s not. I’m not letting you use that girl like a pawn in any stupid sister game you and I are playing.”

“Sister game? Are you quite alright, Cora? I invited you over for a very nice dinner that took me hours to prepare!”

“And then you spent the entire evening questioning me about the almost grown woman you left in my care for three mere weeks. Kids these days go abroad alone longer than that when they are 16. She is doing fine, and I think you were wise to realize you needed some time apart. Don’t ruin it now.”

“You are a piece of work, really you are Cora. Not a social grace in your body. Good job on sabotaging the evening in your usual crude style! Happy birthday!” Tulip was foaming at the mouth, but still tried to sound as if she was going to cry instead.

“Well look at that, here comes the real Tulip! Self-centered, manipulative and a martyr. Poor Tulip who cooked such a nice meal for her sister, the first one in, oh let’s see, 12 years was it? While I cook and clean for your daughter every day, which I am happy to do, by the way, because she’s a sweetheart. But have you even considered it once? No, I am basically just your personal periscope into Maebe’s life, for you know very well she’s slipping away from you – fast. And as your sister, as someone who has known you since you were born, and as an aunt who spends time with my niece for hours every day, I have the right and also the obligation, I think, to tell you. And as a private detective, my professional opinion is that spying on people seldom helps the relationship.”

Those last words rang a little more acrid than she had meant them, but there they were, hanging in the air between them.

“Clearly this was a mistake. I am really trying here, but all you do is throw accusations at me. You are so full of venom, Cora, such bitterness! I shudder to think what Maebe may have picked up from you!”

“A bit of honesty, I hope. Something you know precious little about.”

Screenshot-354Cora picked up her jumper from the ground. It was time to leave, and who knew if she was ever coming back. While she slowly pulled it over her head and felt its warmth, like a reassuring small hug, she wondered if she had done the right thing. She was quite possibly ruining the last shard of this crumbling relationship, and she didn’t know if it was for herself or for Maebe’s sake. Or if it was really worth whatever outcome it was she was hoping for.

To cleanse the air, to make Tulip trust and give her daughter some space by brutal force? Well, a light and humorous tone hadn’t come across to her sister thus far, and it was also true she felt betrayed when Tulip was clearly only using her as a hide to watch over Maebe. Whatever had she been thinking? This was typical Tulip stuff. Of course she didn’t do it for Maebe’s sake, to build “character” or a sense of connection to the earth, she probably thought the whole vineyard idea was a big joke. But undeniably it kept Maebe where Tulip wanted her – close to home (if not in the nursery), busy, away from boys until she herself would find her a nice suitor. Or enroll her in the right kind of university.

But when Tulip talked about Cora’s bitterness, that was also true. Or rather a sense of trust that was lost forever, even if the cause for the loss didn’t really matter anymore. Should Cora just forgive and forget? Watcher knows she had tried, but maybe she just wasn’t the forgiving type. Perhaps it was her many years as a private detective or her grumpy nature, but she felt in her heart that she was definitely more the type who left a llama’s head in the bed of her offender.