1.2 Going to the glacier and gonna get married


The young couple decided that a small wedding would be best, and Asiaq insisted it should be on the glacier. That’s where he proposed, so that’s where it should be held. Also, the chapel gave her bad vibes, and Damon could see her point.


Cora was tearing up already and the ceremony hadn’t even begun yet.

“You look beautiful, dear”, she said with a cracked voice, “and I wish you two the very best. Welcome to the Corona family!”


“So.. let’s do this!” Asiaq said in a mock warrior voice. Damon on the other hand was as bleary-eyed as his mum.”I can’t believe we’re getting married!”

Asiaq stroke his cheek reassuringly. “Had Beate been here, she would have said “I can’t believe it’s not butter!”

“Then I’m glad she’s not.” Damon muttered. “Ok, I wish she could have been here”, he added, after three seconds.

And so the self-made ceremony begun.


“Damon Corona, will you be mine to have and adore and raise a beautiful baby with me?”

Damon just nodded vigorously, because he couldn’t speak. “You have to say I do! It is law!” Asiaq scolded.

“I do!”

Screenshot-353Damon only managed to voice “I love you, Asiaq. Will you marry me?”

“I am! Or, I will! So yes, I do!”


They declared themselves husband and wife, and the sea gulls screamed their approval. Maybe.


After the ceremony, Asiaq took a refreshing swim in the icy water. “What are you doing! Are you going to kill yourself on our wedding day?!” Damon screamed.

She just waved and swam further out. She usually took a cold swim whenever her feelings overwhelmed her, and even on her wedding day, she couldn’t quit that habit.


Damon watched her for a while, worried, but when she seemed perfectly fine, he went inside the fishing cabin where the gathering was supposed to be. It was just the family and Saskia. Beate couldn’t be there, since her grandmother had an accident and she had to fly to Sunlit Tides just two days before the wedding. She was going to stay there for a month at least.

“How terrible for you, to spend a month on a beach with palm trees! I bet the blokes are dead ugly too.” Asiaq laughed over the phone. Beate sounded distant, and it wasn’t just because she was standing on the big, confusing airport on the mainland.

“Actually, I’ve met someone on Fharhond”, Beate said. “Whaaaat? Who!? Spill!”, Asiaq demanded.

“Long story. They’re boarding my plane now, gotta dash. Give Damon a big kiss from me.”


The long story was yet to be told, because apparently Beate had forgotten to switch her phone back on after the flight. Asiaq was sure there was a perfectly good explanation. Not that Beate was big on chatting over the phone, but to drop a bomb  like that and then just leave her hanging? That was borderline cruel!


She was so deep in thought that she missed Declan’s little speech to Saskia.

“Saskia, there’s something I wanted to ask you…” Saskia looked hopeful.

“Do you want to move in with me? I have a stuffed fish on my bedroom wall and everything!”

“Yes! Yes I do!” And then she blushed, having sounded too enthusiastic. Declan just smiled and hugged her.

“I’m so happy! We’ll never have cereal for breakfast, only pancakes!”

“Or fruit parfait”, Saskia whispered. “It’s my favourite.”

I wish the next picture would have been Cora cradling her grandchild, but fate had it otherwise.


When Asiaq was nine months pregnant, Cora had a stroke and died in the street. Damon and Quentin was there with her.

Screenshot-371 She had been on her way to collect a prize for her outstanding work as a private detective, and afterwards they were going out for drinks and dinner. 

Screenshot-373“I just wanted to see my grandchild once, just once.” she pleaded, lying on the street. 

Screenshot-375It was unfair, but at least death came quickly and painlessly. Within minutes, she was gone.


Her death was very hard on Damon – one minute she had been there, and the next she was just gone. Wasn’t people supposed to die when they were like.. 90? His mum may have been older than other mums, but she was still working! It was too soon.


He tried to focus on the baby which was due any day now, but it was hard. Damon and his dad were in their own bubble of grief, and Asiaq felt lonely on the outside. She was sad too, of course, but it wasn’t the same for her.


Cora had built a small vegetable patch in the bedroom, with a little help from a local scientist and a carpenter. “Vegetables are terribly expensive here on Fharhond, and I’ve wanted to grow my own for a while now, but the climate just wouldn’t allow it. But now, with a baby on the way, you really need your vitamins! And you too, Damon!” Cora’s voice echoed in her head.

Asiaq cared for the patch just like Cora had, it had been her small labour of love and she didn’t want to see her hard work go to waste.


Speaking of labour, Asiaq just made a puddle, and it wasn’t pee.


“Damooon! The water just broke!” Damon had just been crying again, and now had to compose himself enough to realize they didn’t have a car, and there were 300 m of trudging in snow to get to the road. Great location!


Babies tend to be born regardless of infrastructure, and so 7 hours later, there she was, the first Corona born on Fharhond. She was just perfect.


“What should we name her?” Asiaq wondered.

“Something that’s nice and simple, but typical Fharhondian. Something with a little history, you know?”

“Hmm.. my grandmother was called Eira, I always thought that was a really pretty name. I think it was the goddess of healing in ancient times. And in some other language, it means snowflake. I don’t remember which, exactly.”

“That’s perfect! Let’s call her Eira!”

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Screenshot-391Death came for old Rouza as well, and that was sad and all but frankly that dog was 59 years old. o_o Yah, really. And dog life span is set to 20. I was beginning to think she was a vampire dog, aiming for immortality!


And presto, a birthday cake! I don’t remember when I last bothered with a cake for a baby, and in a bar too! I don’t even know why dive bars serve birthday cakes.


*cracks knuckles*


LOL, perfect “oh look at that cute lil baby” face on that guy. More like “begone, spawn of Satan!”


Aging baby up, stuffing face. And look, Eira got Asiaq’s eyes! yaaaaaay


You can play with that creepy doll because it’s your birthday, but tomorrow he’s out!


And look, there’s Mimi too! I think she’s cute. Did I mention we’ll see more of Mimi’s family in the future? Well I’m mentioning it again.


The best thing about the Final Frontier – you have to walk there, there are no roads. And how’s that good? Just look at the landscape! Damn.


*dies a little* Oh Bakafox, CAW genius! Please note that I don’t have seasons, this is all painted snow. This world has auroras too!


Still no story? Nope. Look at Eira! She has Asiaq’s eye shape, Quentin’s hair & eye color (some strange lilac/purple), and I think the nose and chin are Corona material. The mouth is probably Asiaq’s.


Not a genius.

All of Asiaq’s hippy dresses are from ilikeyourfacesims, by Sarah. I love them!


No great story about eating sushi either. But it’s home made at least, because that’s part of The Rolls™.

Brilliant toddler chair by Danjalay at MTS, by the way.


Aaaaaw, she can talk now!


What now, Quentin, does her nappy smell?


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Declan’s & Saskia’s living room, with Eira in it. Lovely lamp by baufive, sting ray rocking chair (lounger) by pocci and vintage perfume poster by orlov.




IKEA toy from Around the sims.


Side note: there was a large painting of Ylva as a teen hanging on the wall in an earlier pic and I realized that wasn’t such a good idea, considering… PS: I use this crib all the time, it’s the angel nursery crib from TSR, by Angela. Artwork by baufive, birds here and tree here. The “paint by numbers” ones are incredibly useful in a Nordic setting.




Tadaaa, spam time is over! Sorry that half the chapter was wildly uninteresting, and overly long, but I’m uninspired and have a huge backlog and Sim babies are boring, blablabla. At least there were a few major events, even if i didn’t exactly excel at telling them.




1.1 Love in a Cold Climate

Warning: some bad language probably. 

With the recent development, Damon didn’t have a date to the last school dance anymore. Ylva and him were now officially broken up, and they had decided to go alone. Beate claimed she had “better shit to do”, and Asiaq was still working the entire weekend. It also didn’t feel fair to Ylva to go with another date so soon after their breakup.


Right after prom, the twins aged into adults. Declan & Saskia couldn’t contain their happiness, and Damon had to admit it was pretty exciting. They didn’t get to have a last big birthday bash together, but prom still counts for something, right?


“HAHA, what are you wearing, bro?” Declan wasn’t usually the one with the best dressing sense of the two, but even he had opinions on Damon’s first adult suit.

“Yeah yeah, let’s see if yours is so much better then!”

Screenshot-212They were just about to find out. (Mimi was still pointing and laughing at Damon’s ugly suit, but he was magically changing into another! Hah!)



But Ylva interrupted them mid birthday celebrations.

“Damon, can I talk to you for a sec?”


“That slut Asiaq told me you and her had sex last weekend, is that true??” Ylva made a sweeping movement with her hand that made Damon duck like she was going to hit him, but she didn’t. She looked like she might, though.

Screenshot-241“uhm.. well, yes, but I was going to tell you..”


“WHEN exactly were you going to tell me? During the 4 hour dinner we attended together, to celebrate my mum, as a couple? Or perhaps after, on the stairs?”


“Look, I’m so sorry Ylva, but I was going to tell you, but then I decided it was no point if we were already broken up..”

“That is no excuse! We weren’t broken up when you had sex! And why did you go with me to that dinner after? That is so sleazy!”


“I went because you practically begged me!”

“I wouldn’t have bothered if I knew you were shagging her!”


“Were you in bed with her when I called you? WERE YOU? You were, weren’t you? Don’t you think I deserve just a little better, after three years together?”


Damon suddenly felt terribly guilty. He hadn’t really thought about it that way at all. In a way their break had been kind of.. convenient. It was a moral grey zone. What did a break mean, anyway?

“I’m really sorry, Ylva, it just happened. I’m sorry you had to find out like this, but.. we were on a break?”


“When I had no place to go, Beate and Asiaq took me in, and uhm, they were really nice to me and actually I like Asiaq..”


“We were on a BREAK, we weren’t BROKEN UP! There’s a difference! How could you do this to me, Damon? I though you were better than that! We were going to do that together, tonight, remember?” Ylva was bursting into tears now, she couldn’t hold it in anymore.


“I know Ylva, and I’m really sorry. I mean it, I feel really bad for not breaking up with you properly before..”

It wasn’t what Ylva wanted to hear, at all, but it was all she was going to get. That the breakup hadn’t been properly handled before he jumped into bed with some other girl. One of those other girls she had worried about and shunned all through high school.

It hadn’t helped at all.

Screenshot-259“Some party the boys must have had yesterday! Damon looked absolutely beat this morning.”

“I suppose so.” Quentin was still not pleased with Damon’s outburst just a fortnight earlier, and it seemed like a lot of things were going on under his nose without him having the slightest clue. His sons may be adults now, but to him they were just irresponsible kids still.

Screenshot-260And today was graduation day. Quentin wished he could say “it feels like yesterday I was pushing their swings in the park back home in Twinbrook”, but in reality, it felt like light years had passed since then. Twinbrook wasn’t home anymore, and it wasn’t just the twins who had changed immensely since then – he was different too, and so was Cora.

Screenshot-261  Older, for one. He felt terribly old watching those kids throw their hard earned diplomas in the mild June air.


Damon was voted valedictorian, and most likely to become a sports star. Quentin saw his happy, young face and he just couldn’t be angry with him anymore.


He had done so wonderfully well during these six years on Fharhond, after all. And even Declan made his parents proud – maybe his grades weren’t exactly outstanding, but he was voted the most popular. It finally sank in that they had been successful at parenting their boys, both of them.


Asiaq got an A in Maths, and that was all that mattered to her – it was the grade she really needed.


“So, an A in Maths and Science, huh!? Wow Asiaq, I didn’t know you had it in you! Where are you going to apply?”

“I was going to keep it a secret, but I want to join the navy and become a cryptologist!”

“You’re kidding me!? Right!? Say you are. You are? I though you were going to be a nurse??”

“It’s what I want! Really.” Asiaq smiled. It was within reach now, she had a shot at it, so why not share?


A few weeks later, Damon and Asiaq went on a stroll on the glacier. They were seeing each other now, it wasn’t too serious yet, but it felt good and things were going well. Asiaq seemed like she had something on her mind.


“So, this navy business.. are you serious about that? I mean, cryptology, I never knew you were that much into maths?”

Asiaq smiled. “I guess there are quite a few things that you don’t know about me, Damon, and me being into decryption is probably the least of them.” Damon looked amused but also a little worried.

“It does seem that way! What other big secrets are you going to throw at me?”

Asiaq suddenly looked serious, even afraid.


“What’s the matter, Asiaq? Did I say something wrong? You know I don’t mind at all that you like deciphering, I think it’s really cool actually! I’m just a little shocked, is all. I had no idea you were going to enlist.. or something. Apply? Enroll? I don’t know what they call it in the military. Is it here on Fharhond? How long does it take to become a crypto..grapher?”

“Damon..” Asiaq interrupted. “I’m pregnant.”

Damon just stared at her for several seconds.

“Please say something.” It was barely a whisper.


“Can we keep it?” Damon said and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

Asiaq stared back, and then suddenly burst out laughing. A laugh with a hint of desperation in it. “Can we KEEP it? Damon, it’s not a kitten! It’s a baby!”

“Yeah, I know, our baby! Can we keep it? Please?”


“Yeah I guess we can keep it”, she said, stroking his hair. “Oh Damon, sometimes I’m not sure if I’m not actually dating your brother by mistake!” she laughed. Then a cloud passed over her face. “I have no idea what I’m going to do, though. Where I’m going to live, even. Beate’s gran is planning to sell the house. Well, it isn’t final, but she’s in some sort of financial pinch because..”

Asiaq stopped mid sentence because Damon was in front of her, on one knee.

“What’s the matter Damon, did your shoelace come untied?”

“Asiaq..aherm, I never learn to say your last name right, so just Asiaq. Asiaq, will you do me the honour of making me an honest man, and marry me?”


“You really don’t have to do this just because I’m pregnant, I’m sure you’ll be a good father and..”

“Shut up, Asiaq, I’m trying to declare my feelings here! Let’s pretend there’s a big shiny rock on this non-existent ring that I wish I had brought with me, because my intentions are real though. I am in love with you, and we’re going to have a baby!”


“Do you really mean that?” she whispered.

“Of course I do! Everything is happening a little fast for my slow brain, but yeah, I’ll catch up, and I do love you.”

“In that case, yes. Yes!! I’ll marry you!”

Screenshot-295“But Damon, I’m really scared!”

“I know, this is kind of crazy, right, but we’ll figure it out. Don’t worry.”

For about 5 seconds, Damon was convinced she didn’t have to worry and that they were on top of the world. Then he inwardly began to freak out. Holy crap he was only 18 and how had this happened, they were using condoms right? Or had they, every time?


“IS IT YOURS!??” It was Saturday night at the Final Frontier, and this time Damon had told Ylva the news himself.

“Plumbob, of course it’s mine, Ylva!”

“Well how should I know how many guys she’s screwing? It could just as well be someone else’s!”


“That’s what you think, but I know it’s mine” Damon felt confident. And in a way also kind of potent.


Ylva picked up on it right away. “Do you think it’s cool now, somehow, to become a teenage dad? Yeah real mature, Damon, you didn’t use a condom, how manly! Well have fun changing nappies when everybody else is going to college, then! I’m so happy for you!”

Screenshot-275 “Shut up, Ylva!” Damon was frustrated, overwhelmed, and he couldn’t honestly say that her words didn’t sting.

“I’m going to marry her.” he added, it was supposed to come out triumphantly but it fell to the floor like a wet cloth.


“What?? Seriously Damon, why? Us aside, and my feelings for you, but that’s still really.. dumb. You’ve been … together” she spat the words out with contempt “for what now, three whole weeks?”

“Two months”, Damon corrected, but he didn’t feel like he had won the argument with that correction.


“Oh pardon me, two whole months! That’s another matter entirely then, isn’t it?” Ylva feigned an impressed tone. “Very smart, Damon, very thought through! After ending it with me 5 seconds earlier, you decide to become a father and marrying another girl. I bet that marriage will last all summer long.”

She left the bar and slammed the door so hard on her way out that icicles fell from the roof and impaled the snow beneath.


Damon had feared his parents would go mental when he told them the news, but they handled it pretty well.

“I think you’re too young to get married, and most definitely too young to have a child of your own, but I’m proud that you’re taking responsibility, even if it’s a bit late now. But what’s done is done. I had you and Declan too late in life, in hindsight, maybe it’s better to be a young parent.”

Damon could hardly believe it. His mum wasn’t giving him the lecture on contraceptives, responsibility, how he disappointed her, and his dad wasn’t screaming his ears off about how expensive babies were, how he had no idea what it meant to be a parent?


Cora had been kind of numb since the day when she told the twins about the inheritance. She was scared to death to push her son away again, and what’s more, she was looking forward to a grandchild. It was true it was much too son for him to become a father, but it wasn’t too soon for her to become a grandmother.


Quentin was taking the role of not taking any role at all. If things were happening fast for Damon, it was a like a washing machine inside his parents’ heads. Thoughts and feelings were tumbling against each other at such a speed that they could hardly even put words on them. They spent a lot of hours together fishing, quietly standing side by side, dumbstruck.


“It’s all so different from what I had in mind when we got married”, Cora blurted out while examining a beautiful rainbow trout, as if the mystery of life was inside the fish.

“I know”, Quentin simply said. He had nothing to add. It was. It was nothing like he had imagined his second half of life to be. Having twins, having a child with a mental illness, moving to this faraway northern island, watching his sons grow up into people who were so different from himself, and Cora.


“They are just so different from who I was at their age. So.. fearless! Like everything is just magically going to work out!”

“Maybe it will?” Quentin mused. He didn’t always agree with his sons or think they made the best choices – like running away from home and getting a girl pregnant at 18 – but he felt they were somehow oddly capable at living. Even Declan didn’t seem to have a doubt in his mind that life would be anything but brilliant.

“Any fish left for me?” Declan came running and cast his rod so violently that he almost threw it in the water, and landed on his bottom. Damon helped him up, smiling apologetically to his parents.


It was the last family outing before Declan moved out of the house, and Asiaq moved in. They both felt they couldn’t do it alone, and they needed the support and a place to live. Ironically, Declan felt totally confident that he could make it on his own.


“So tomorrow we’ll carry lots of heavy boxes, right Declan?” He could hardly believe it, but his brother was moving into his very own house, and he didn’t feel jealous anymore. He was just excited and happy for him.


“Yeah! I’ll catch a big fish and stuff it and put it over the mantlepiece!”

“Um, you won’t have a mantlepiece Declan, open fires are dangerous.” Cora corrected him.

“My bedroom wall then?” Declan said with a hopeful voice.

“You can have a fish mounted and put it on the wall, if that’s something you would like, son”, Quentin assured him.

Screenshot-329He then turned his face to the sea again, because he was tearing up. His little baby boy in a big house of his own! What if he forgot to turn off the stove, or a water tap!


Old Rouza came to lick him in the face, as if to say it was going to be alright.


“They will be alright, won’t they?” Quentin asked his wife.

“I really hope so” she sighed, because it wasn’t like her to lie.


“I’m kind of glad that we will have one boy left in the house”, Cora smiled wearily.

“And a girl. And a baby.” Quentin looked glum.

“Oh don’t even start! You are going to love being a granddad! You’ve been going on about it since they were toddlers!”


“Have I?” Quentin didn’t wipe away his morose look, instead he cast out the fishing line again.

“Yes he has, yes he has” Cora said in her silliest voice to Rouza, who heartily agreed on whatever it was Cora said to her.


As a parting gift, Declan had left a terrifying surprise for his father on the laptop.


“Declan, you almost gave me a heart attack!” he complained when he called his son the first time since he moved (3 hours later). Declan’s laugh echoed loudly against the boxes in the empty living room.

Screenshot-347His first weekend away from home wasn’t spent alone, though, instead the whole family was invited to Saskia’s house for dinner. Saskia’s parents thought it would be a good idea to get to know each other a little better, “in case the kids were, well, getting serious” as her parents put it. Declan and Saskia spent most of the evening in the garden, watching the northern lights, whispering and giggling.


So, long chapter to get generation 1 finally FINALLY on the road. The rolls are: Athletic career for Damon. Mixed couple, 2 kids. Homemade food,  all day every day. And throw a party to remember! Should be easy, right? 

One of the shots that was supposedly taken at the Final Frontier was actually, as I’m sure you noticed, taken at home, but it seemed a little much to let Ylva throw a fit of rage at yet another place & time. In game she threw so many fits that I just stopped counting them after a while. 



Cora doing a very stealthy stake-out.. She looks more like a crossover of a Green Man & a cheerleader!


Nobody would ever guess you were there, Cora!

0.16 You don’t miss the cow until the stall is empty

I’m sorry I interrupted the cliffhanger with a retrospect in the last chapter, that was mean. Where were we. Damon was going to escort Ylva to her mum’s awards dinner and he was going to make a call before that. 

This is pathetic but I don’t have any screenshots of the phone call. Use your imagination, and screenshots will return shortly. I added some other pictures for your enjoyment!

Warning: bad language and reference to racism, slut-shaming, classism etc. Sim violence. Mild Sim nudity with nipples. Farts. 

When Damon was relatively alone in the lobby, he wondered who he should call.


He already tried Beate, and clearly she didn’t want to talk. On a whim, he called Declan. He had never asked Declan’s advice about anything, not since they were kids anyway. Probably not even then.

“Hey Declan, it’s me. Look, this is weird I know, and I have no right to come to you for advice but I really need to talk to someone.”

“Ok?” At least he had Declan’s full attention.

“You can’t tell anyone. Not mum, not anyone.”

“Ok!” Declan was enthusiastic, no one ever trusted him with a secret or anything of importance.

“I think I like Asiaq.”

“Ok? How’s that a secret? Everyone likes Asiaq. She’s nice. And she’s pretty!”

“Yeah I know”, Damon sighed. “Except, that means I don’t know if I like Ylva anymore.”

“Can’t you like both?” Declan sounded confused.

“I suppose I can. Well, I do like Ylva, sortof, but I don’t think I like her the way I used to.”

Declan was silent at the other end, so Damon had to push him. The prominent guests were pouring into the Great Hall and he made himself smaller in the corner, lowering his voice.

“So what do you think?”

“About what?”

“About.. I don’t know! About Ylva. About Asiaq. About me.”

Declan was still silent, and Damon was beginning to think he didn’t understand the question or had lost track of the conversation and found a pretty ladybug on the ground.


“I’m thinking.”

“Ok. I have to go soon, so don’t think too long.”

“I’m done! This is what I think: Ylva is pretty but she’s not nice. She called me an idiot once. And she wouldn’t help me with my homework cause she said I would never get it anyway. And she said Saskia was stupid to send me all those texts. She made her cry in the hall when all those other girls were watching, and then, when she was crying, she said “Well someone had to tell you!” and that she was doing her a favor.”

Damon knew Ylva had always been a bit of a snob, and could sometimes be rude to kids who didn’t do so well in school, but this was news to him.

“Wow. I had no idea, Declan. I’m so sorry.”

“Yeah.. and when we were little, she didn’t want to play with me if you weren’t in the room. She’d just read and ignore me.”

“Why didn’t you tell me!?”

“You liked her, and I didn’t want to take her away from you. Because you always say I take stuff from you.” Declan sounded sad.

“Look, I’m sorry I ever said anything like that, because it wasn’t your fault. You haven’t done anything wrong. I’m glad I called you, you were a big help. I have to go now, but I’ll call you later ok?”



They didn’t talk about their relationship during the long dinner, in fact Ylva was going on and on about the horse shows, the jockeys, going to Monte Vista during summer break, the SATs, which universities were the best and where to move after school.

He had been quiet during the whole event, but Ylva didn’t seem to notice. She was beaming, smiling at him, playing with her hair. The air inside had been thick, and the early summer evening felt chilly in comparison to the warm Great Hall and its crystal chandeliers.

– Look, Ylva, I don’t think this is going to work. You and me. We’re at different places right now – I didn’t even take the SAT, and actually I think I’m staying on Fharhond, at least for the time being.

Ylva looked shocked, and he couldn’t figure out if it was because he planned to stay or because he was breaking up with her.


“Oh. Ok. Yeah.. I.. guess I saw it coming, in a way, I mean it was my idea to take a break.. I just thought we could move past everything that’s been. We could have a future, Damon, I really think so, if we just left all this silly high school stuff and the Shack and hanging out in the park all the time.. there’s so much more to life you know? You’re from Twinbrook! You know the world is so much more than Fharhond. People here, they just don’t get it. ”

“That’s just it though”, Damon smiled, “I’m just now beginning to think Fharhond may be just what I want, and not just something that was forced upon me. I like it here. I’m sure Monte Vista is great, but I want to stay. Find out what my place could be on the island.”

“A toddler coach?” Ylva snickered.

“Perhaps I’ll end up doing something completely different. I’m thinking maybe I could lead wildlife treks, like, guided skiing and hiking. I think it could be fun!” Damon just formed the idea in his head, but when he said it out loud, it did sound fun.

Ylva looked skeptical, even taken aback. But she seemed a little relieved too. He had broken up with her in a way so she didn’t lose face, and they weren’t screaming at each other or throwing plates. They parted amicably with a little hug, and that was that.

Damon stood silent on the stairs of city hall for a minute, than called his mum and asked if he could come home.

“When do you want me to come and get you?”, she replied.

Screenshot-726 Damon was taking his last bath in Beate’s house. She was in the living room, surrounded by newspapers with red and yellow circles around ads, post-its from the supermarket’s noticeboard, coffee cups and pencils, making it clear she was looking for a job. 

“Sure, pretty boy, go ahead and use up all my hot water right before you leave. You prolly haven’t even washed the sheets, am I right? Am I right?”

“I will, and I’ll fill up your pantry with stinky cheeses and French crackers before I go, how’s that?”

“Sounds nice, but don’t bother. I’m on a cheese diet. Doctor said I have an intolerance.”, she pouted.

“I could have told you that, your farts smell all the way to Gull Island!”

“Just LEAVE, ok?” Beate had thrown a newspaper, aiming at his head, but it only came as far as the TV in front of her.


He would miss living with her and Asiaq, but he had already been gone over a week, and graduation was coming up. He didn’t want to reunite with his family outside city hall on graduation day. Perhaps he could move back in with the girls after graduation, if he could find a job first. And if they wouldn’t mind, and if things didn’t get complicated with Asiaq…

He submerged himself in the water, wishing he could just disappear like a submarine, under the pack ice.


When he went upstairs to pack his few things and tidy up, Beate was deep into the mystery of Bagooble maps, which she had recently discovered, and was now trying to make out an address in the outskirts of town.

“Who even runs a business out there, am I supposed to buy a bloody bike?” Beate, like most Fharhondians, was suspicious of all places you couldn’t reach by foot or boat.


When he left, she was on the phone. “No hug?” he said, batting his eyelashes like a sad puppy.

“I’ll call you”, she mouthed back and waved him towards the door.



All’s well that ends well they say, and Damon came very close to avoiding a disaster. His mum forgave him, his dad decided to at least not say anything. Declan was as happy as ever, because the reason behind Saskia’s 20 text messages had finally sunk in.

Monday passed without events, and Damon was beginning to hope for a prom without tears or drama. Then came the last field trip on Tuesday. What’s the point in visiting the cemetery when you have your whole life ahead of you? But the teachers said it was to inspire a sense of history, because there were some famous people resting there. An early explorer, the founder of the first hospital, a woman who was really good at drawing insects or some such. Damon didn’t really listen, because Ylva was staring at Asiaq over her shoulder, and all nine Hells would break lose as soon as they came outside.


Apparently someone had told Ylva something, and it could only have been Saskia, because Beate would never.


Asiaq didn’t look too worried, so he presumed no one had warned her about it either.


Well, she was about to find out soon enough.


Damon was extremely grateful that he had an important football* practice in 40 minutes, because trouble was brewing and he was sick to death of it.

* From now on soccer will be referred to as football, if you don’t mind. They don’t play American football on Fharhond anyway. So says the all-knowing trash heap Marjory. “I’m orange peels, I’m coffee grounds, I’m wisdom!”


“You kissed my boyfriend at the party, you slut! While I was upstairs, how cheap is that?”


“Well he’s not your boyfriend anymore, is he! And you were on a break already, so what? You don’t want him but nobody else can have him, is that it?”

Screenshot-692“Do you really think just because we broke up he’d want you? You’re a nobody, you’re just a rebound, don’t you get it?”


“Look, I’m not even having this conversation with you Ylva, so just leave it, OK?” Asiaq had seen Ylva wound up before and there was no way she was spending this beautiful June afternoon fighting.


“Yeah leave it, Ylva, what’s the point?” Mimi tried to be the voice of reason, but she and Ylva weren’t exactly friends to begin with.

“Quiet, whore”, Ylva replied, “I’m not taking advice from you. Besides, this was where you kissed him yourself, wasn’t it? Right on this spot.”


“What is it with trash like you, who can’t keep their hands away? Always after other people’s boyfriends.”


“Excuse me, what, who are you calling trash?” Asiaq flared up.

“Yeah, that was uncalled for, Ylva, really..” Mimi was still trying to avoid a fight, but it was too late now.


“Simuit trash, that’s right, you heard me. You’re either alcoholics or on the dole or both. It’s in your genes you know, no point in trying to escape it.”


“Bloody Watcher, I knew you were a snob, but I didn’t take you for a racist!! Take that back or you’ll regret it.”

“So what are you gonna do, harpoon me?”


Asiaq turned around and walked the other way, clearly Ylva couldn’t be reasoned with.

“Seriously Ylva, that was an all time low, even for you.” Mimi protested.

Even for me, what do know about moral standards?” Ylva aimed her anger at the new target.


“You have no standards, Mimi, you’d jump any guy, from 14-year-olds to disgusting old fishermen at the Last Frontier.”


Asiaq was going to get her bike, but when she heard Ylva pour degrading remarks over Mimi and her family’s economic situation, just because Mimi had told her to back off and calm down, she finally lost it.


Asiaq hadn’t been in a school yard fight since fifth grade, but she always won.


Ylva put up a good, if not elegant (hairpulling, odd flapping of arms), fight but she was no match for Asiaq.


Ylva fell on her ass beside the grave of the old explorer. Mimi just watched, at this point Ylva deserved a beating.


“Are we done?” Asiaq asked. “If you want to pick a fight, pick it over Damon, not my heritage or Mimi’s family. It has nothing to do with this and it’s just unacceptable. I didn’t want to tell you before, because under the circumstances it’s really none of your business, but Damon and I didn’t just kiss at Beate’s party, we had sex. And it meant something.”

Screenshot-708 Ylva stopped dead in her tracks, Asiaq could have beaten her up ten times and it wouldn’t hurt like that hurt. It was something she and Damon had planned to do on a special occasion before prom – if they hadn’t been on a break, it would probably have been that very weekend when Beate had her party. In the suite of Fharhond’s only hotel, or in the small cabin overlooking the Black Dog geyser. It was usually booked months in advance by lovesick teenagers with the same plan, year after year, but Ylva had successfully spread the rumour that it was infested with bed bugs. That way she could keep her options open. 

It seemed like she had kept them open for too long.


I’m guessing all you Ylva haters have plenty of water to your mill right now, hehe. I admit that the fight scene may have been overly long because I seldom let my sims pick fights and I had a little too fun with it. Perhaps I made Ylva too mean & blunt in the process, but it had to be something really bad for a fist fight to break out in the cemetery.. Also, I had preferred to just skip to the part where Damon is an adult and presto, generation 1!! But this chapter is too long already. I can “reveal” that Ylva & Damon aren’t going to patch things up and get back together. Doesn’t really count as a spoiler at this point, does it. 

They broke up all by themselves in game with a little help from story progression – Damon cheated on Ylva with Asiaq and she found out and never forgave him. I didn’t even notice that they were romantically involved, so I don’t know where that happened exactly, but all of a sudden Ylva was throwing a fit after prom, and at the same time the twins aged up. So, there you go. I actually made him go talk to her every day and ask for her forgiveness, but that didn’t help. So WTH, I made a story out of it instead. 

The title is a Swedish proverb. I’m sure you can figure out what it means, you’re smurt. 😉