Absolutely Cuckoo

New update over at my ISBI blog. I’ll get to the Coronas eventually, I swear.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> click for nut <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


Ugh, I’m sorry – again

Yeah, so no, this isn’t a real update either.. but I wanted to point you to my new ISBI while I wait for Corona inspiration.

*** The Absolutely Cuckoo ISBI ***

I just wanted something utterly stupid to write about, and I think an ISBI might just be it.



By the way, today marks my 1 year birthday of the Corona blog, and I’ve managed to snail into generation 1:s kids, and they are still in their preteens.  Hallelujah, I’ll reach generation 10 when I hit menopause. Share a glass with me anyway, will you?