I made my own CC!


Yes, they are “just” paintings, but I’m well excited!

The first painting is “Landscape with a comet”, watercolour & ink by Ukrainian artist Heorhiy Narbut, 1910. (That would have been Halley’s comet, btw.)

The other paintings are watercolours by Dr. Edward Wilson from the British “Terra Nova” expedition to the South Pole in 1911. He and the rest of the party didn’t make it back from the expedition, but his paintings of the Antarctica are still hauntingly beautiful.

Base game mesh. I suppose you need at least patch 1.26. Comet is 650 simoleons and the Antarctica paintings are 500. They come as both package & sims3pack.

Now go decorate your little hearts out!

Comet painting (mediafire)

Antarctica paintings (mediafire)