This is a blog for a random legacy in Sims 3. It comes with a rather extensive back story, since I started playing it as a regular legacy in 2012, then got bored mid generation 3 and stopped. Generation 1 in this legacy is actually generation 4 in the last one.

Who am I then: You can call me Toxi! I’m a grown woman living in Sweden. Who plays with her Sim dollies. Yes, that’s who I am.

Rule tweaking because I can: Since generation 1 in this (random) legacy is born in the old (pinstar) legacy home, they are not born poor. They will keep the legacy house for as long as they want to live there, however without their trust fund – they will have to find a way to make do. This is better for my story and thus it is law.

What’s all this generation 0 stuff? Well, it’s the transition from my old legacy. 🙂 Kind of long-winded, I know. Random legacy rules apply from generation 1.


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