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1.4 Meeting Marina

Screenshot-104When Asiaq opened the door to the dormitory, she felt afraid. Two days of strolling up and down the quaint streets of the small fishing village hadn’t eased her mind, nor had the meeting with the social worker.


The other children at the home had been victims of the earthquake, but most of them had now been reunited with relatives. “The girl” was different – they found her on the beach when she was a baby, wrapped in a blanket in a rowboat.

“Maybe the person who left her there hoped a fisherman would find her and take her in. People often hope someone like themselves will take care of their child, so maybe she was a fisherman’s daughter. We call her Marina. You can see her now.”


The room was so austere it was chilling, and all the beds but one were covered with white sheets. In the middle, at the back of the room, sat Marina quietly, not moving a muscle, and waited for them.


Asiaq swore she could hear her and Damon’s hearts stop at the same time. She didn’t know what she had expected – perhaps dirty toys, a dirty little face, a girl in an old-fashioned uniform. Not this perfectly clean, almost empty room.


There were no lights on during the day – “to save electricity”, the social worker explained – and if the child had any toys, they were stowed away. A few halfhearted attempts at beautification had been made, with colourful butterflies and rainbows on the wall, but somehow they made the room feel even emptier.


“Please don’t leave me here. Take me with you”, the little girl suddenly said, in clear, distinct Fharhondian Simlish.

Asiaq and Damon were both so stunned they had no idea what to say.


“Can I hug you?” she proceeded, turning to Asiaq, and without a word Asiaq leaned forward and felt a very small ribcage heave rapidly under her arms. The girl acted calm but her heart was raising. Her tiny arms felt surprisingly strong around Asiaqs neck.


“What’s your name?” Asiaq asked sheepishly, although she already knew what she was called. But she just shrugged apologetically – apparently she didn’t understand.


“I don’t like to live here. I don’t want to be alone.” she answered instead. Suddenly Asiaq understood that she didn’t actually speak Fharhondian, she had just rehearsed a few phrases to absolute perfection.

Screenshot-113“It is dark and cold here. Please take me home with you.”, Marina continued her speech. Damon looked confused.

“She doesn’t understand you, Damon.” Asiaq said quietly, leaning against the door post. She felt a sudden urge to burst out of the room, but hovering close to the way out was all she could do at the moment.


Damon still didn’t seem to get it, because the girl’s accent was so perfect it seemed incomprehensible that she didn’t actually speak the language. She had a variety of phrases prepared. Damon asked her if she was looking forward to school, and the girl replied she was alone and had no friends.


Asiaq shut the rest of the conversation out, it was too eerie. Like listening to a recording. Even if it was all true, it just felt so staged and creepy. She had no room to move in this situation, so she turned to the window and looked out at the sea. Far away on the other side was Fharhond and their own beautiful little girl, playing horse with her grandfather probably.

Why would she need another child, anyway? She already had everything she could ask for.


They were going to stay for dinner, so they got to meet the housekeeper as well. She was a warm and friendly type, which put their mind at ease at least a bit for Marina’s sake. The feta salad was good, but Asiaq feared it was what Marina ate every day. She did look small for her age.

“Please excuse Marina, she has a bad habit of staring. She’s just excited to have visitors”, the housekeeper smiled. There were no implications in that last sentence, and Asiaq was thankful for the small courtesy.


Everyone knew why they were here and everyone was hoping desperately for her and Damon to take this girl home and make her their daughter. Even 15 seconds of pretending they were just visitors felt like a relief.


Asiaq’s bad conscience made it impossible for her to stay at the table, so she excused herself and went looking for the bathroom. “It’s up the stairs to the left, dear”, the woman called behind her.

“She’s nice”, she thought to herself, “seeing her every day can’t be so bad, and she’ll start school soon, make new friends, and she’s obviously smart…”

Who are you kidding? her inner voice boomed, you have to take her home now. 


Frustrated, Asiaq demanded a room closer to the sea. Damon realized immediately that she felt tied, that she wanted control over something small because she had no control over the larger issues. He admitted to himself that he had some second thoughts as well.


“We don’t have to adopt her. If you really don’t think it would work out.”, he said. “I mean, the rehearsed speech was a little creepy. Maybe you’re right. There’s something a little off about her.”


“I dunno”, Asiaq replied after a long silence, “it caught me off my guard, the whole staging. I mean I’m pretty sure she staged it herself, sitting on the chair in the middle of the room like that. And her little parrot speech. But even so, she’s not lying. She is all alone, and it must be terrible for her. In a way, you can’t blame her for playing on our emotions. She’s desperate.”


“I think we should try. I mean, I think we should take her home. She’s almost the same age as Eira. I always imagined she’d have a baby brother or sister, but why not a big sister? I think they would really connect.”

Damon nodded thoughtfully. It made sense, even if bonding with this 7-year-old would take some time for them, the girls would probably become close in no time. Children had it easier that way.


“Ok then?”


“Ok then! We’re going to be parents!”



The little you saw of the “fishing village” “near Monte Vista” was shot on location in Positano (by Remmo) and I was about to show more of it but I think I’ll just fly them all home instead. I highly recommend Positano though, it’s beautiful and very playable, and feels “lived in”, and the families have pretty interesting non-slider genetics – no pudding faces. I use Positano for my ISBI and I’m on generation 3 now with no lag! 


1.2 Going to the glacier and gonna get married


The young couple decided that a small wedding would be best, and Asiaq insisted it should be on the glacier. That’s where he proposed, so that’s where it should be held. Also, the chapel gave her bad vibes, and Damon could see her point.


Cora was tearing up already and the ceremony hadn’t even begun yet.

“You look beautiful, dear”, she said with a cracked voice, “and I wish you two the very best. Welcome to the Corona family!”


“So.. let’s do this!” Asiaq said in a mock warrior voice. Damon on the other hand was as bleary-eyed as his mum.”I can’t believe we’re getting married!”

Asiaq stroke his cheek reassuringly. “Had Beate been here, she would have said “I can’t believe it’s not butter!”

“Then I’m glad she’s not.” Damon muttered. “Ok, I wish she could have been here”, he added, after three seconds.

And so the self-made ceremony begun.


“Damon Corona, will you be mine to have and adore and raise a beautiful baby with me?”

Damon just nodded vigorously, because he couldn’t speak. “You have to say I do! It is law!” Asiaq scolded.

“I do!”

Screenshot-353Damon only managed to voice “I love you, Asiaq. Will you marry me?”

“I am! Or, I will! So yes, I do!”


They declared themselves husband and wife, and the sea gulls screamed their approval. Maybe.


After the ceremony, Asiaq took a refreshing swim in the icy water. “What are you doing! Are you going to kill yourself on our wedding day?!” Damon screamed.

She just waved and swam further out. She usually took a cold swim whenever her feelings overwhelmed her, and even on her wedding day, she couldn’t quit that habit.


Damon watched her for a while, worried, but when she seemed perfectly fine, he went inside the fishing cabin where the gathering was supposed to be. It was just the family and Saskia. Beate couldn’t be there, since her grandmother had an accident and she had to fly to Sunlit Tides just two days before the wedding. She was going to stay there for a month at least.

“How terrible for you, to spend a month on a beach with palm trees! I bet the blokes are dead ugly too.” Asiaq laughed over the phone. Beate sounded distant, and it wasn’t just because she was standing on the big, confusing airport on the mainland.

“Actually, I’ve met someone on Fharhond”, Beate said. “Whaaaat? Who!? Spill!”, Asiaq demanded.

“Long story. They’re boarding my plane now, gotta dash. Give Damon a big kiss from me.”


The long story was yet to be told, because apparently Beate had forgotten to switch her phone back on after the flight. Asiaq was sure there was a perfectly good explanation. Not that Beate was big on chatting over the phone, but to drop a bomb  like that and then just leave her hanging? That was borderline cruel!


She was so deep in thought that she missed Declan’s little speech to Saskia.

“Saskia, there’s something I wanted to ask you…” Saskia looked hopeful.

“Do you want to move in with me? I have a stuffed fish on my bedroom wall and everything!”

“Yes! Yes I do!” And then she blushed, having sounded too enthusiastic. Declan just smiled and hugged her.

“I’m so happy! We’ll never have cereal for breakfast, only pancakes!”

“Or fruit parfait”, Saskia whispered. “It’s my favourite.”

I wish the next picture would have been Cora cradling her grandchild, but fate had it otherwise.


When Asiaq was nine months pregnant, Cora had a stroke and died in the street. Damon and Quentin was there with her.

Screenshot-371 She had been on her way to collect a prize for her outstanding work as a private detective, and afterwards they were going out for drinks and dinner. 

Screenshot-373“I just wanted to see my grandchild once, just once.” she pleaded, lying on the street. 

Screenshot-375It was unfair, but at least death came quickly and painlessly. Within minutes, she was gone.


Her death was very hard on Damon – one minute she had been there, and the next she was just gone. Wasn’t people supposed to die when they were like.. 90? His mum may have been older than other mums, but she was still working! It was too soon.


He tried to focus on the baby which was due any day now, but it was hard. Damon and his dad were in their own bubble of grief, and Asiaq felt lonely on the outside. She was sad too, of course, but it wasn’t the same for her.


Cora had built a small vegetable patch in the bedroom, with a little help from a local scientist and a carpenter. “Vegetables are terribly expensive here on Fharhond, and I’ve wanted to grow my own for a while now, but the climate just wouldn’t allow it. But now, with a baby on the way, you really need your vitamins! And you too, Damon!” Cora’s voice echoed in her head.

Asiaq cared for the patch just like Cora had, it had been her small labour of love and she didn’t want to see her hard work go to waste.


Speaking of labour, Asiaq just made a puddle, and it wasn’t pee.


“Damooon! The water just broke!” Damon had just been crying again, and now had to compose himself enough to realize they didn’t have a car, and there were 300 m of trudging in snow to get to the road. Great location!


Babies tend to be born regardless of infrastructure, and so 7 hours later, there she was, the first Corona born on Fharhond. She was just perfect.


“What should we name her?” Asiaq wondered.

“Something that’s nice and simple, but typical Fharhondian. Something with a little history, you know?”

“Hmm.. my grandmother was called Eira, I always thought that was a really pretty name. I think it was the goddess of healing in ancient times. And in some other language, it means snowflake. I don’t remember which, exactly.”

“That’s perfect! Let’s call her Eira!”

———–  Below this line will be only blabbering, WCIF and baby pic spam. Go grab a cup of coffee. ————–

Screenshot-391Death came for old Rouza as well, and that was sad and all but frankly that dog was 59 years old. o_o Yah, really. And dog life span is set to 20. I was beginning to think she was a vampire dog, aiming for immortality!


And presto, a birthday cake! I don’t remember when I last bothered with a cake for a baby, and in a bar too! I don’t even know why dive bars serve birthday cakes.


*cracks knuckles*


LOL, perfect “oh look at that cute lil baby” face on that guy. More like “begone, spawn of Satan!”


Aging baby up, stuffing face. And look, Eira got Asiaq’s eyes! yaaaaaay


You can play with that creepy doll because it’s your birthday, but tomorrow he’s out!


And look, there’s Mimi too! I think she’s cute. Did I mention we’ll see more of Mimi’s family in the future? Well I’m mentioning it again.


The best thing about the Final Frontier – you have to walk there, there are no roads. And how’s that good? Just look at the landscape! Damn.


*dies a little* Oh Bakafox, CAW genius! Please note that I don’t have seasons, this is all painted snow. This world has auroras too!


Still no story? Nope. Look at Eira! She has Asiaq’s eye shape, Quentin’s hair & eye color (some strange lilac/purple), and I think the nose and chin are Corona material. The mouth is probably Asiaq’s.


Not a genius.

All of Asiaq’s hippy dresses are from ilikeyourfacesims, by Sarah. I love them!


No great story about eating sushi either. But it’s home made at least, because that’s part of The Rolls™.

Brilliant toddler chair by Danjalay at MTS, by the way.


Aaaaaw, she can talk now!


What now, Quentin, does her nappy smell?


And then some Declan & Saskia spam because I love them and Damon comes to spend the night just because. ❤ And an extra heart for that night gown with sheep on it! ❤ She totally picked that out herself.  


Declan’s & Saskia’s living room, with Eira in it. Lovely lamp by baufive, sting ray rocking chair (lounger) by pocci and vintage perfume poster by orlov.




IKEA toy from Around the sims.


Side note: there was a large painting of Ylva as a teen hanging on the wall in an earlier pic and I realized that wasn’t such a good idea, considering… PS: I use this crib all the time, it’s the angel nursery crib from TSR, by Angela. Artwork by baufive, birds here and tree here. The “paint by numbers” ones are incredibly useful in a Nordic setting.




Tadaaa, spam time is over! Sorry that half the chapter was wildly uninteresting, and overly long, but I’m uninspired and have a huge backlog and Sim babies are boring, blablabla. At least there were a few major events, even if i didn’t exactly excel at telling them.